Monday, 7 April 2008


30 of March - 1 of April 35 participants of Taglit took part in the second stage of Post-Taglit project: trip to Oessa. The students visited museum of history of Odessa Jews, had a fascinating excursion 'Jewish Odessa', funny quest and unforgatable sail sing. Last day was devoted to annual 'Humourina' (humor) - one of the main event in the life of the city which became one of the symbols of Odessa. Thanks to Post-Taglit project many new students were involved in Hillel activities and are waiting for the next stage of the project.



On 29 of March member of the Board of AJJDC Etta Zimmeramn, regional director of 'Joint' in Eastern Ukraine Shauli Dritter and director of 'Joint' in Kharkov region Shira Genish visited Hillel. The guests took part in Havdalah ceremony and could see performance of art groups of Hillel. 


On 16, 19 and 23 of March four Purim programs were held in Hillel for children at risk and volunteers of 'Hesed Shaare Tikva'. The program consisted of traditional purim-spiel prepared by 'Children program' of Hesed, songs of vocal band 'Expression' of Hillel, funny quizes and games held by Hillel volunteers. About 200 children and their parents and 160 volunteers of 'Hesed' took part in the programs.

Sunday, 9 March 2008


On 29 of February and 1 of March Hillel was a partner of All Ukrainian hip-hop Dacne festival "Undeground Dance Star" organized by dance school "All Stars". The trainers of the school are leaders of the dance group in Hillel. Fest gathered about_700 girls and boys from Kharkov, Kiev, lvov, Crimea, Dnepro and other cities. The programs of the fest consisted of the two-days Dance Floor battles in different styles and nominations and masterclasses of the best ukraininan and russian trainers.

Saturday, 8 March 2008


In February 2008 Kharkov Hillel started new project in ccoperation with "International Woman Community". Participants of the project are Hillel students and inmates of the residential-school for partially sighted and sightless children. Main aim of the project companionship and joint actions. 15 voluntters of Hillel and 8 inmates of the residential-school took part in the ice-breaking meeting. We plane to work together twice a month.


Friday, 1 February 2008


On 10-21 of January 14 students of Hillel took part in preparing and holding the camp in cooperation with International Women’s Community for 89 inmates of Ukrainian children’s homes from 10 cities of Ukraine. The camp named “My world” supproted by some ukrainian charity funds was held in Beregovo (West Ukraine) within the limits of the social-educational project “The way to success” . The main aim of the camp was adaptation of inmates to new life conditions after the graduation. The students completely prepared the program of the camp in cooperation with psychologists from Kiev and Kharkov. Every day of the program consisted of the group work, art studios, evening parties was devoted to one of the aspects of the world (space, nature, man). Performance after the works of the great writer Gogol prepared and realized by the leaders and participants of art studios of Hillel (drama, vocal, fashion) was main event of the camp. About 80 inmates took part in the performance which took place in the central recreation center of the city. The camp and performance were very successful and the students were invited to hold next camp.


Saturday, 15 December 2007


On 8 of December one hundred participants of Taglit of different years were gathered by Hillel within worldwide action organized and supported by Taglit-Birthright. Main aims of the meeting at kosher restaraunt 'Shalom' were to celebrate Channukah together, to remember trip to Isarel, to involve taglit participants into community activities. Art groups of Hillel did all their best to help everyone to take a deep dive into the atmosphere of real Jewish holiday. The program of the party consisted of funny games and quizzes, songs and dances and sure enough real Israel food.


Friday, 14 December 2007


On 4-13 of December Channukah film festival took place in Hillel. The program of the festival consisted of the works of modern israel, russian, european and american moviemakers devoted to modern Israel and Jewish life such as: Syrian bride, Schwartz dynasty, The Bubble, Ushpizim, Father, Jacob the lier, From hell to hell, Fiddler on the roof, Lost luggage and others. Every day spectators could see two movies. Big advertizing campaign was held before and during the festival. Posters about whole festival and each film were placed in many universities of the city. Hillel students spreaded booklets and flyers to reach main aims of the festival - to popularize modern Israel and Jewish cinema and to involve newcomers to Hillel.



In December two groups of business leaders from US (The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, 5 persons) and Great Britain (World jewish Relief, 18 persons) vsisted Kharkov by invitation of JDC. Both groups accompained by JDC regional director Shauli Dritter and Kharkov JDC director Shira Genish visited Hillel where they have discussion with the students, saw parts of FSU Hillel Bar Mitzvah performance 'Little prince named Hillel, knew about Hillel activities. Art groups of Hillel presented to the guests memorial ceremony in Drobitzkiy Yar.


On 23-24 of November Kharkov Hillel took part in the program held within joint project of Hillel, Youth club of JCC, Youth club of JAFI, Israel Cultural cneter, Solomon University and Youth club Netzer. The program consisted of the welcome ceremony in Israel Cultural center, work of art studios in JCC, Israel movies demonstration in Hillel and concert in JAFI. This project is an example of fruitful and very interesting cooperation of Youth Jewish organization of Kharkov and is very promising.

Friday, 16 November 2007


On the 8-11 100 students from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan took part in Hillel Regional Seminar in Kharkov. The seminar was devoted to the history, traditions and original culture of Shteitl – small Jewish cities. The programs of the seminar consisted of two programs ‘Shteitl’ and ‘Shteitlcraft’ which were developed specially for this seminar and simulated life of shteitl; the lectures about history and culture of shteitl; the work of art studios where the students had a chance to try traditional handcrafts; ceremonies of Shabath and Havdalah; preparative classes for Hannukah coordinators; funny programs; traditional havurots and dance parties. Participants knew works of two Kharkov painters Vadim Koltun and Elena Kotlyar devoted to shteitl. All the students joint their efforts and created original homelike atmosphere of Jewish shteitl at the seminar.


Thursday, 15 November 2007

Visit of a group of business leaders from US

On November 5-6, 2007 a group of business leaders from USA chaired by JDC Board members Steven Price and Jackie Schimmel arrived to Kharkov on the invitation of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. The group accompained by the director of FSU 'Joint' Asher Ostrin and regional director of 'Joint' in Eastern Ukraine Shauli Dritter visited Hillel where they had a chance to see the programs, have discussions with students and enjoy the parts of the FSU Bar Mitzvah performances 'Little Prince named Hillel'. Former Chairman of Hillel International Board Mr.Kaplan and director of 'Joint' in Eastern Ukraine Shauli Dritter adressed the students.  Nine participants of the mission and leaders of Joint were deeply impressed by exciting memorial ceremony presented by Hillel students at the place of Shoa tragedy in Drobitzkiy Yar.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Children Camp for inmates of Ukrainian Children's Home

On the 27-31 of October the Hillel students took part in the new project. Having been invited by International Women’s Community students were involved in preparing and holding the camp “City of talents” for 74 inmates of eight Ukrainian Children's Home and boarding schools. The camp was organized by charity funds 'Edinstvennaa', 'Dar' and International Women’s Community and was held in Kiev. The program of the camp consisted of the best achievements approved during the family camps, programs for children at risk, while attending the children’s houses, boarding schools and Hillel seminars.

One of the days the children were offered the program, realized at the last regional Hillel seminar. With the help of leaders the participants of the camp performed the production, shooting and montage of five short films. This day finished with ceremonial presentation of awards for the best works with all the attributes of the film festival.

Also the participants were offered to work in Art Studios, Master Classes, program “Carnival”, “Topsy-turvy”, “Guess the melody” and traditional work in the groups.

The participation in holding the camp was of great significance both for foster children and Hillel students. Work in new conditions with the children of new social group gave the students invaluable experience, contributed to their professional growth that would allow them of course to raise the level of their social work in community in the future. The students succeeded in creating in the camp the atmosphere in best Jewish and common to all mankind traditions of kindness and mercy. The camp where the leaders were the students from Jewish organizations became the best way of bringing up school children in the spirit of international friendship and tolerance. At last the Hillel students managed to liberate the pupils of the leaving forms making them more open-minded and sociable that was one of the main psychological tasks of the program before their entering to the new social-psychological conditions of living. The program on working with this group of graduators from boarding schools lasts for a year and it is pleasant to learn that the organizers have invited the Hillel students already to hold the camp in winter 2008.



On the 18th of October in the borders of Limmud Conference in Moscow the festival program “Little Prince named Hillel” devoted to FSU Hillel Bar Mitztva took place. The students of Kharkov Hillel took an active part in preparing and holding the festival. Thanks to drama studio the miniatures had been prepared which were in the basis of the performance. The vocal studio “Expression” and Tatyana Shapran sang their amazing songs. Thanks to “Atelier Ester” the costumes for the participants and scenery were designed and created. The dance group of Hillel consisted of Hillel participants of different years performed the dance “Jewish wedding”. The other creative groups and vocalists of different FSU Hillels took part in the concert. Besides Limmud participants many honorable guests, leaders of Jewish organizations, sponsors were present at the festival.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


On 23 of September traditional Rosh-Ha-Shana Apples n' Honey program was held by Kharkov Hillel thanks to support of The Forest Foundation.
The party consisted of the funny games and quizes devoted to the traditions of the holiday and songs of 'Expression' vocal band.
About 400 students and seniors of the Jewish school came to the holiday. Many newcomers among them which hopefully will take part in Hillel activities in the future.
Those who answered the question 'What will I do in 15 years' took part in the lottery.
Masha Zaitzeva won grand prix - dvd player with answer:
'I wiil be the president of Hillel International'.